Tooling the plastic industry for over 50 years.

Our Mission

Provide world class tooling and services to our customers in the Consumer, Industrial and Automotive sectors while using innovation, technology and customer commitment to lead in competitiveness.


The Arlen Tool Group has 42000 Sq ft (3800 Sq m) of manufacturing space between Arlen Tool and Canam Tools with room to expand. We are located within minutes of the US border and our transportation equipment and logistic partners can provide hassle free door to door service. We have localized partners in the US, Mexico, Europe and China to support our tooling and customers. We have also started to serve the Chinese domestic market for their tooling needs with North American support.

Message from the Owners

Our goal is to maintain our reputation and build upon it as we attempt to improve and grow in a controlled fashion. We are proud of the strong foundation that has been built here both literally and though our employees. As we move forward: Experience, Quality and Commitment guides and summarizes our core company strengths and values. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Steven Lenardon, Evano Bozzetto, Bill Dennison and Bill Sideris

Message from the Founders

We have always endeavored to put quality of product as the number one priority within our shop. Equally important is our attempt to create a comfortable and progressive working environment for all our employees, after all they are the heart of our company. The success we have enjoyed for the past 38 years is directly due to the dedication and the attention to detail our employees have given to each assignment. Every project we accept is approached the same way; start it immediately, complete on time, put quality first and attach the sense of urgency to it that our customers demand. Stressing the importance of pride in workmanship, working honest and working hard are not just neat catch phrases, they are the rules we run our business by. It’s that simple!

Arnold Manias, Sante Lenardon

Arlen’s Green Initiative

We at Arlen Tool Co. Ltd, are comitted to a Green Energy Initiative
Click here to see current Solar Panel Generation Statistics.